cladding timber per sqm - rustic style pallet wall cladding

cladding timber 2 sqm

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Price is for 2sqm

Boards for wall cladding

Reclaimed from special selected Wooden Pallets 

Dimension of Planks :

Length vary from 1ft to 4ft

Width vary from 2 1/2 inches to 5 inches 

Thickness vary from 15mm to 20mm

Sometimes you can receive mixed lengths sometimes all will be the same dimensions all depends from actually stock 


All wood is checked before despatch 

Nails removed grinded or punch deeper in wood 

Some nails head can be still visible but that improve only rustic vintage effect 


Mixed type of wood 

Board can have small split cracks can have knots and other wood defect but without that will be impossible to achieve real distressed wood wall effect 

All our planks are checked and all timber is reclaimed carefully to give you best possible quality product 


Usually 48h from order 

For orders over 20 SQM we need little more time 4-5 days